12 X 12 Photo Marathon. I hit it.

This past weekend on Aug 6th 2011, I, Cara – uses digital- Grimshaw took part in the rather cool 12×12 Photo Marathon. This was my first time and won’t be my last. Thank you to the organizers, the sponsors and everyone who I met for a fantastic day.

What it is? Check out the web site: http://vancouverphotomarathon.com

In a nut shell. 60 people (tickets sold out in 10 minutes) are all handed a roll of 12 exposure film (yes. 12 shots. Thats it) and every hour we are given a theme. We have only 1 shot to catch that theme. Creativity is a must. 12 hours later ..you hand in your roll of film.

We get to see the shots Sept 25th at the Photohaus gallery. I know for a lot of us, that day can’t come quick enough.

My highlights.

1) Using film.
2) Eric with his Vacuum cleaner in every shot.
3) Deciding to drink a pint (although…I am doubtful they were actual pints..) of beer every hour after noon to fuel the creativity. I like to think it helped. We’ll see how well it helped the camera shake later on in the night.
4) Attempting a self timed picture in the ladies washroom, only to be saved by the lovely Shannon who was more than eager to get on the floor and be my photo subject.
5) Hearing “I love eating.. it’s all about the tongue” after a food eating contest.
6) Meeting tons of new people and not having to talk about gear. Creativity was the subject of the day
7) Eating the same thing for lunch and dinner.
8) burning my hair on a cigar
9) Completing 12 shots.

Low lights
1) The next day. SORE.
2) How much did I drink?
3) Not being able to see the shots until Sept 25th
4) Knowing I have to wait another year for the next one!

I wont give you the shots I took (digital versions) here but they are floating amongst the others on Flickr : Here

Here’s some samples of the day…

I think they knew 16 was my lucky number.

oooh ooohh.. the first theme is......


Thanks Shannon

All in the name of creativity. I'm guessing he wasn't praying.

Not for sale

All done.